Our Story


OUR LEGENDS TELL OF A TIME some 1500 years ago when the Medicine Councils united all the tribes on the American continents into one great Hoop of Nations. The Medicine Men and Women were the healers, teachers, spiritual advisers, and priesthood to their people. Even when the tribes were at war with each other, the Medicine People of each nation maintained a peaceful unity among themselves.

The Good Medicine Society is a modern descendant of this ancient tradition. Its teachings were compiled and organized into a progressive series of lessons by our late Medicine Chief and Teacher, Eli Gatoga, a Cherokee born and raised in the Ozark Mountains. In 1970 Eli experienced a vision showing him that it was time to disseminate the teachings of Good Medicine for the new age beginning — an age of knowledge, when many people would no longer be content to rely on their beliefs, but rather would want to know Truth for themselves. Legend also tells us that the North American continent, known as Turtle Island, was given to the Native Americans by the Great Spirit. It has been prophesied that the spiritual truths of the Native American will be restored during the present Time—the astrological “Age of Aquarius, ” which we call the “Time of the Coyote.”

Grandfather Eli taught that being a Real Person was not so much a matter of ancestry, but rather a beautifully simple way of thinking and living in Harmony with the Earth and all Her life, looking to the Great Spirit for guidance. He therefore offered his teachings to everyone who expressed an interest in the Peaceful Way. The Good Medicine Society continues the school Eli established during his life. We offer a series of courses and practices designed to help you to find peace within yourself, a knowledge of Natural Laws and natural living, and a way to deliberately create your own destiny through practicing the techniques of creative thought.




The principles taught by the Good Medicine Society can be applied to any religion or life-style in the American culture. Whether you live in a tipi in the mountains or in a city apartment, a study of the Medicine Way can help you to know yourself and your place in the Plan of Creation.



The teachings of the Good Medicine Society begin with an eight-lesson course, The Philosophy of Good Medicine, which presents a set of concepts common to most traditional Medicine Societies. These teachings explain, in a simple way, the special relationship that the People share with the Great Spirit, Mother Earth, and all life. According to the Good Medicine, all life is related. The understanding of this personal relationship between Man and the rest of Creation is a key to developing the creative and healing abilities of Medicine Power within yourself.
The concepts introduced in this course for your thought and consideration will open your eyes to a new way of looking at life, or they will reinforce the vision you already have. The monographs use extensive quotes from many Indian leaders to support the ideas presented, offering a clear view from the mind of the wise Indian of old, which is quite different from that of today’s dominant society.


After you have completed our studies in basic philosophy, you may wish to join the Good Medicine Society. The initiation ceremony will give you the first of the “Seven Sacred Arrows, ” teachings which you will learn to apply to your life as you walk your Medicine Path. You will find the Beginning Place to the mysteries of the Medicine Way in the Great Silence. These studies will help you to overcome your weaknesses, fears, and hang-ups; to develop a more positive personality; to choose your goals wisely; and to become successful with whatever goals you set in life. You will learn to use the power of your mind to affect your world in a constructive manner, and you will come to know for yourself the truth that every person can develop a personal relationship with the Great Spirit. You will learn that happiness is your birthright, and how to share this gift with others.


Anyone who has completed our philosophy course may enroll in our Natural Medicine course. Good Medicine and the Human Body is a series of lessons which presents the Seven Great Principles of Natural Medicine. It will give you a basic understanding of your physical body and its relationship to the healing forces of Nature. This course includes such subjects as basic anatomy and physiology of the body systems; recognition of the signs of illness; nutrition, vitamin, and mineral needs; herbology, biochemistry, and organotherapy; the effects of the sun, moon, air, and light on the body; how to generate and maintain a high level of life force; purification and the sweat bath; natural childbirth; as well as principles and techniques of massage and joint manipulation. The Medicine People have always been ready to change with the times—to accept progressive ideas and practices. The tribes readily adapted to the use of cloth for their clothing. Iron cooking pots were a welcome replacement for their easily breakable pottery. And so it is with medicine. As modern aids and ideas are made available, you are encouraged to include them in your medicine knowledge when they are in harmony with Nature’s Way.